• Youth Future Conference

    Accelerating international partnerships for the future

  • Breakout Sessions

    On Friday, November 10th, we will have 6 interactive panels and workshop in three tracks!

    The Future of Women

    First Session 13:00-14:30, Workshop + Panel

    Everyday sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace are becoming a more rampant topic in the news, as more women are gaining gender equity. What lies at the intersection of millennial entitlement and increasing female empowerment?

    The Future of Sustainability

    First Session 13:00-14:30

    In most surveys, young people always claim that they care about the environment and sustainable business, but will we really be green when it's inconvenient for us? How do we preserve sustainability as an organizational value even when it becomes less trendy?

    The Future of Health

    Second Session 14:45-16:15

    Terms such as precision medicine and "cancer moonshots" have been heard round the world. But what are they and when can we expect these to begin curing diseases? P4 is the only proposed solution that stops disease at the onset. In other words, stopping the physiological changes from becoming pathologies. It's Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory and aims to quantify wellness and demystify disease.


    P4 medicine is the clinical face of systems medicine and will make blood a diagnostic window for viewing health and disease for the individual.

    The Future of Money

    Second Session 14:45-16:15

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two words that most people don't know whether to be scared about or interested in. How does it apply to big companies, and more importantly, to the way young people view money and security?

    The Future of Tech

    First Session 13:00-14:30

    Accelerators, Advisors, Incubators, and Venture Capitalists— As tech gets sexier, it also gets more complicated. Nowadays even though entrepreneurs and startups have more than choices than ever for support and funding, is it actually effective? Have we overlooked the importance of keeping our head down and the grind?

    The Future of Good

    Second Session 14:45-16:15, Revolving Panel

    In the future, there will be no such thing as social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. In the future, all businesses will have as deep of a commitment to their financial bottom line as their social one. How far off from that are we, and how do we achieve that?

  • 355+ Applications from 96 Countries

    We received over 355 applications from 96 different countries! We are really excited that we will be taking about 100 delegates from 49 different countries.


    We offer full coverage of housing (11/09-11/11) in Hangzhou and costs while at the conference, and partial/full travel scholarships through application.


    Never been to China? Visit Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, or any of the surrounding cities before or after the conference-- Shapers are excited to host you!

  • Speakers

    From inventive entrepreneurs to scientific pioneers to innovative government officials, our speakers are kickass! Keep updated here.







  • Speakers? Sponsors? Partners?

    Reach out today and see what magic we can make. If you would like to apply to be a speaker, please send us a specific topic proposal for a specific breakout session.